An entirely European network

The location in central Europe where three countries meet (Germany France and Switzerland) and our commitment to preserve the local know-how and produce our fabrics in an environmentally-responsible way ,naturally led the company to work with an entirely European network  from yarn sourcing to the finishing process.

All our partners work according to high quality standards (REACH) and the majority are Ökotex-30 certified.

Integrated factories


Adresse : 14, rue du Commandant Marceau
68550 Saint Amarin
Tel : +33(0)3 89 38 20 00

Velcorex creates and produces clothing fabrics in innovative velvets and cottons (fancy velvets, stretch velvets,  wash-out pigment dying….) which are sold all over the world.

Its velvet, cotton and pigment dyed articles are meticulously tested and comply with ÖKO-TEX standard 100.


Adresse : 15, rue Paul Lang
68560 Hirsingue
Tel : +33(0)3 89 07 52 07

Founded in 1856 , the factory has developed an expertise  in yarn colouring and yarn-dyed weaving, that is recognized worldwide.

Based and producing mainly in Alsace, the company is labelled “Alsace Terre Textile”

The fabrics produced today at Emanuel Lang are mainly designed for making ready-to-wear and professional clothing.

The company offers innovative products combining functionality and aesthetics.

ETC – “Ennoblissement Technique de Cernay” (ETC)

Adresse : 43, avenue Montaigne
68700 Cernay
Tel : +33(0)3 68 10 01 78

Recognized for its technical, commercial and creative skills, the company maintains very special commercial relationships with its customers (acceptance of unbleached materials, R&D, lab bibs, quality control, logistics, etc.).

ETC (formerly TBC) has successfully preserved its brand identity: a guarantee of consistency, constant effort and controlled development.

Our partners