Our Know-How

Expert in viscose

Known as “artificial silk “when it was created, viscose is a natural fibre that comes from wood cellulose, a renewable raw material. Used on its own or in blends, it captures the light, enhances fabrics, and gives them softness and fluidity.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, viscose is resistant, stable and easy care. We work with first-class spinners and use labelled viscose (Enka, Lenzing).

Expertise with yarns

Our expertise with yarns enables us to create our own raw materials and design innovative fabrics, produced exclusively in France, Germany and Italy.

We control the entire production chain, from the selection of yarns to the fabric finishing.

Our strength lies in our ability to mobilize a network of outstanding European partners (spinners, throwsters, weavers, knitters and finishers), located less than four hours from our office.

Our fabrics undergo wearing trials, meaning that garments are tested  in real conditions to guarantee optimum technical performances.

These models are also helping us to suggest our customers the most effective combination of material, colour and cut.

Research and Innovation

Innovation has been central to the company’s strategy from the outset.
Philea devotes over 10% of its turnover to this area.

Seeking out the most striking yarns, fibre blends and weaves, we constantly work on numerous test products in order to propose a wide range of new materials each season.

The development of each item is rigorously monitored by our process and quality department at each stage of production. We also rely on the expertise of the IFTH (French textile and clothing institute) to validate their technical performances.

This guiding principle of innovation has led Philea to set up an entirely French bio-sourced fibre network (hemp and nettle) with local partners.

We are determined to work for the future through production methods with a minimum impact on the environment.