Some twenty years ago, Pierre Schmitt and Eliane Wolf (formerly with the DMC textile group) combined their passion and experience, rising to the challenge of creating a collection of “plain fabrics with the same visual richness and variety as prints.”

In 1998  Philea (from the Greek Philia, meaning “friendship”) was founded in Alsace at the foot of the Vosges: a land with a textile tradition going back 200 years and located in the heart of Europe.

The fundamental values of the company lie in the exploration and design of fabrics with new sensations in terms of hand feel and look, unusual combinations of yarns and fibres, a solid partnership with a high quality European industry and the development of an open, responsive interactivity between the design, technical and sales teams.

Philea offers a wide range of plain, jacquard and printed fabrics that are innovative, creative and ideal for women’s ready-to-wear clothing.

The customers Philea in the world
The world market of Philea

Philea today

With around 40 employees, a network of some 30 agents throughout the world and an original collection with over a hundred references, Philea has forged a long-standing relationship of trust with its customers, including major international brands (Sandro, Hugo Boss, Max Mara) – all of which appreciate its impeccable standards in terms of quality and traceability

Shored up by its creative and commercial dynamism, Philea produces around 2 million metres per year, making 70% of its turnover through exports.

“Our customers come to us for our expertise and our ability to organize the production of highly technical
fabrics with very demanding standards” – Pierre Schmitt