Plain fabrics


The viscose has numerous properties that give fabrics:

  • Unrivalled comfort (the fibre’s considerable capacity for absorption makes for coolness in summer and softness in winter)
  • Incomparable intensity in terms of colour (as the dye stuff penetrates right into the fibre core)
  • Fluidity and an elegant drape
  • Excellent resistance /easy care

We produce it in different weights, providing a wide variety of uses (shirts, dresses, jackets, trousers, etc.), in different weaves (crêpe, satin crêpe, toile, piqué, twill, etc..), and blends (linen, silk , polyamid, polyester….).


Jacquard fabrics


The jacquard technique is used to produce figured fabrics:

  • with relief effects,
  • using fancy yarn blends,
  • with rich, visually appealing patterns.

Whether yarn-dyed or piece-dyed, our jacquard fabrics can be exquisite, more formal or sportswear thanks to a wash-out treatment.

Our offer is constantly expanding, and reflects the most fashionable trends of the season.

It also provides a working base for customer’s exclusive development.

Printed fabrics


Timeless and delicate, our designs are developed by our own design department, and are copyright-protected.

The archives of the Musée d’Impression sur Etoffes in Mulhouse, a real storehouse of local and international textile history  are also an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Designs can be printed on our plain and jacquard fabrics.

We can also offer an “à la carte” service to customers in terms of:

  • design research
  • engraving
  • colour development

Knitted fabrics


Knitwear’s comfort and easy care properties make it highly popular.

Our range of:

  • warp knits
  • plain knits
  • fancy knits

increases with each season to meet an ever-growing market demand.