Plain fabrics

The viscose has numerous properties that give fabrics:

  • Unrivalled comfort (the fibre’s considerable capacity for absorption makes for coolness in summer and softness in winter)
  • Incomparable intensity in terms of colour (as the dye stuff penetrates right into the fibre core)
  • Fluidity and an elegant drape
  • Excellent resistance /easy care

We produce it in different weights, providing a wide variety of uses (shirts, dresses, jackets, trousers, etc.), in different weaves (crêpe, satin crêpe, toile, piqué, twill, etc..), and blends (linen, silk , polyamid, polyester….).

Jacquard fabrics

Jacquard fabrics are elaborated with complex interlacements between the warp threads and the weft threads on specific looms .

Designs are incorporated into the weave instead of being printed on the surface of the fabric.

The combination of different weaves, threads, processes are giving unlimited creative possibilities.

According to their composition Jacquards can be either very fluid and precious or compact and stretch for tailored garments.

Jacquards are generally more resistant, their aspect does not change despite daily tear and wear and most of them are reversible.

All our Jacquards are entirely woven , dyed and finished in France and special developments are possible.

Linen Fabrics

Developing a collection of fabrics with a local industrial tool lead us to use locally grown fibers.

It seemed obvious that flax was the one to do the job .

France is the world’s top producer of linen in total tonnage and the Normandy coast has an ideal climate to cultivate this noble and highly ecological plant , that does need neither pesticides nor irrigation to grow.

Furthermore waste (roots, straw…) can be recycled by the paper , building insulation or car industry.

Linen is light, biodegradable, resistant, waterproof and has thermoregulation properties .

Philea relies on the expertise of Emanuel Lang, an Alsacian mill that is specialized in natural fibers weaving.

Linen is used pure or mixed with Tencel ( certified Lyocell), viscose … to make it more drapy, softer and very feminine.

Season after season , we design new articles , fancy stripes or mechanical finishes are revisiting linen in an elegant way.

Sport Fabrics

Fashion is just a reflection of our way of living.

For daily wear we want our clothes to be urban and functional but also versatile : easy to wear , easy to care and without any compromise as to feminity !

Philea has the appropriate response to it : elegant sportschic fabrics .

Natural fibers like cotton and linen are blended with stretch yarns, polyamid or polyester to get a technical handfeel .

Light and soft or compact but souple , with technical finishes (water repelant, chintz) and visual surfaces : twill , piqué , ribstop weaves , taken from codes of sportswear

You will find a complete offer of easy care fabrics , versatile and non crease sensitive , in which you feel good and look elegant.

Season after season we are developing new innovative fabrics for a comfortable and trendy silhouette.